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Archetypos = from the Greek meaning ‘first of it’s kind’
Elemental Forms….
From Jung : deposits of repeated patterns of behavior from the human collective unconscious.
A deep structure for motivation and meaning……
A timeless imprint…..
Psychological software…..
Ancestral memories…..
Fairy tale and literature conditioning…..
Unconscious frameworks that determine how and why people think and react…

Energy patterns that are recognizable, known, habits of behavior that are unquestioned, automatic, unconscious…we all know what the behviour of a KING might be, even though we’ve never experienced being one. We all know what it feels like to conceive an idea, incubate it, watch it grow and manifest into a product, project, performance or event, but we’d never say that we had given birth as Mother Archetype and nurtured our embryo into fruition as a child.

How can we harness their power to influence in a positive way?

By embodying an Archetype to understand it’s power pattern and control it, apply it, release it…

About author

From her Masters in Psychology & Theatre, Grainne is inspired by dark, dirty stories and is passionate about the art of transformation. Her fascination with multiple points of view led to her establishment of Mask Work as a provocative and intuitive way to explore and connect inner experiences to external actions. When she’s not jumping to the end of a detective novel to see if she’s right, she’s understanding her body through Aikido.

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